What is Righter Writer Services?

Righter Writer Services offers the highest quality assistance with any and all English language writing and editing services. Whether you need an entire webpage created or simply a bit of revision of your CV to make sure you are impressing a potential employer, we will provide the quality and confidence you require.

Web writing services include:

  • Writing any and all content to help start your website
  • Blog and article writing

Academic writing services include:

  • Revising and editing of thesis papers and term papers
  • Assistance in written presentations

Business writing services include:

  • Revising reports, presentations, and legal contracts
  • Revising your CV and cover letter to make sure it is to the top professional standard

To view some examples of our work, you can click here.

Standard Rates

Our Editing/Revision Rate (for CVs, cover letters, term papers, etc) is 5 Euro per standard, 1800 character page.

Our Writing Rate (for webpages, advertising for companies, etc) is 18 Euro per hour. We will provide you with an estimate after a quick consultation about your project.


Contact us via the contact form below or write to Nick at righterwriterservices@gmail.com.


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